Meet THE Waymaker – Accept Your Free Gift

There is no way that we could do the things that we do without THE WAYMAKER! THE WAYMAKER is the Christian triune God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We often say that we are honored to be God’s hand extended in the earth and that is really all that we are. Every project, every life that we touch comes from the Godly desire of a Heavenly Father that loved us enough to give the ultimate sacrifice, His only Son, Jesus Christ. None of it would mean anything without the ability to know THE WAYMAKER and escape the eternity of pain and suffering that comes from sin by accepting His free gift of salvation. Have you met THE WAYMAKER? If not, pray the short prayer below and He will make Himself known to you in ways you couldn’t imagine.


The Prayer of Salvation

Jesus, I thank You for coming to earth and dying on the cross for my sins so that I can be forgiven. I am a sinner and I need Your grace, mercy, and forgiveness. I ask You now to save me from my sins. I turn from my old way of doing things and thinking about life (sins) and say “No” to living for myself. I understand that, with this prayer, I no longer have to pay for my sins with eternal death in hell and that I can spend eternity with You as my Father. I turn to You and say “Yes” to Your will for my life. My goal is to get to know you better and better, one obedient step at a time. Thank You for being my Lord. Thank you  for saving me and forgiving me. Amen.