Our Mission

Making a way out of no way for the marginalized, hopeless, and forgotten; making the impossible, possible both domestically and internationally.


Our vision is to  build a Waymakers Transformation Center, providing the Ghanaians with the tools to become physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, financially, and relationally whole. 

Meet THE Waymaker – Accept Your Free Gift

There is no way that we could do the things that we do without THE WAYMAKER! THE WAYMAKER is the Christian triune God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We often say that we are honored to be God’s hand extended in the earth and that is really all that we are. Every project, every life that we touch comes from the Godly desire of a Heavenly Father that loved us enough to give the ultimate sacrifice, His only Son, Jesus Christ. None of it would mean anything without the ability to know THE WAYMAKER and escape the eternity of pain and suffering that comes from sin by accepting His free gift of salvation. Have you met THE WAYMAKER? If not, pray the short prayer below and He will make Himself known to you in ways you couldn’t imagine.


The Prayer of Salvation

Jesus, I thank You for coming to earth and dying on the cross for my sins so that I can be forgiven. I am a sinner and I need Your grace, mercy, and forgiveness. I ask You now to save me from my sins. I turn from my old way of doing things and thinking about life (sins) and say “No” to living for myself. I understand that, with this prayer, I no longer have to pay for my sins with eternal death in hell and that I can spend eternity with You as my Father. I turn to You and say “Yes” to Your will for my life. My goal is to get to know you better and better, one obedient step at a time. Thank You for being my Lord. Thank you  for saving me and forgiving me. Amen.

Meet The Team

Carol Robinson personifies the moniker “Waymaker”. This associate  pastor, certified Christian counselor, and entrepreneur brims with a passion to help people by coming alongside them (in whatever negative situation they may find themselves) and “making a better way”.   She has managed private duty home health aide to seniors, worked with the youth and ministered to people of all ages. A born leader and trail blazer, as a business owner of 15 years, she has developed a strategy for ministry that encompasses radical adherence to budget constraints. She is graced with the rare skill of being proficient in “counting the cost” which has been the key to her success. The highlight of her career was founding the The Waymakers, Inc and beginning its first project, The Ghana Project. Finally, she has a vehicle that can be used to help people everywhere be transformed by the power of Jesus Christ physically as well as spiritually. Pastor Robinson remembers the days when she first began ministering on the streets of her own community, quickly learning that sharing the gospel had to be accompanied by meeting the people’s immediate needs. She loaded her car every week with food, going into the ghettos to feed and minister to the poor. Similarly, in Ghana, in addition to preaching the gospel, The Ghana Project has instituted programs that will help the people ministered to have their basic daily needs met so that they become self sufficient. In turn, they will be empowered to help transform their communities by “making a way” for someone else.

Samantha Pompey’s passion is reconciling people to Christ and then helping them to live the abundant life by discovering their God given purpose. She has a BA in Communications (with a concentration in business) from  Temple University as well as several Christian counseling certificates. She is a highly qualified executive manager recognized throughout her career for being a visionary that leverages her depth of knowledge to strategically implement successful operations. A natural leader, she employs innovation seasoned with practicality. Analytical, articulate, and diligent, Samantha possesses outstanding interpersonal, motivational, and presentation skills. Ms. Pompey is an ordained evangelist, who has always embraced personal empowerment, growth through education, and harnessing the lessons learned through the experiences of life into valuable opportunities. A lifelong entrepreneur, the highlight of her career was receiving the grace to persevere through a devastating, failed business venture. That experience taught her that her failure didn’t define her character but helped to build it. Now, like David in Psalms 119: 71, she is able to declare, “[It is good] for me that I have been afflicted that I might learn thy statues.” It was after that season of struggling to rise from the ashes that she was afforded the opportunity to live out her life’s passion through The Waymakers, Inc. ministry, The Ghana Project.

Margaret Gomez’ heart’s desire is to be used by God to make a difference in the earth. Her passion is to reach out to hurting women everywhere. A former business management major, Margie has worked in diverse management settings from her first job at the Albick Manufacturing Company to her “day job” at the front desk of The Union League of Philadelphia.   This decorated, top employee has often started at entry level positions and worked her way up due to her considerable leadership skills and commitment to excellence. She is at once organized, possesses dynamic communications skills, and vigilant about accomplishing her goals. The highlight of this deaconness and women’s group leader’s career was her work as the office manager of a drug and alcohol treatment center. At the treatment center, her work acumen and heart for ministry meshed in perfect harmony. It is that experience that fuels her desire to make a difference through the Waymakers, Inc. and its first project, The Ghana Project. Ms. Gomez brings her work experience as well as her many years of ministry to The Ghana Project as it serves the women of Ghana and ministers to drug and alcohol abusers.