THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Words will never express our gratitude for your gifts and prayers! We did it! It has truly been a Kingdom effort – each and every one of us came together to help people in need and, now, their lives and the lives of their children’s children are changed FOREVER!!! Saturday, August 22nd, the ribbon cutting for the opening of the restrooms and fresh water well was vibrant and lively, full of songs of praise, pageantry and great honor, as we were made chiefs of the village and hundreds came to celebrate what God had done. Oh how we longed to hear the grinding sounds of the distinctive blue pipes, plunging deep into the earth. in search of fresh drinking water to help save lives. We went to open the restrooms but God had a Ghanaian business person gift us the funds to finish the project while we were there by digging the borehole that provides fresh water. We will never forget it. That day, we got water! That day, we made history! That day, a legacy of health and wellness was created!

It is a legacy that must be replicated throughout the world. According to the United Nations poor sanitation kills 1.5 million children a year. Most die of diarrhea from drinking contaminated water. Diarrhea is the world’s No.2 leading killer of children. You can do something to help us continue to give life! Your monthly gift of $250, $100, or $50 can radically transform a community through our model of increased sanitation! You might be thinking, “I can’t do that.” But you can do something. We all can do something. My something might not be your “something” but what we CAN’T do is… NOTHING!!!

Help us prevent life-threatening illness and disease. We can do this! One project and one life at a time! Send in your best gift, now, and help us give the gift of life. Make a tax deductible donation, today, using our secure Paypal account below or mail it to The Waymakers Inc., PO Box 2402, Willingboro, NJ 08046. (Make checks payable to The Waymakers, Inc.) Become a monthly partner. Just $50 a month (less than $2 a day) can save a child’s life. Know that with your gift, people will have the ability live longer, stay healthier and be more productive. Be a Waymaker!

Clean water, alone, can reduce water related deaths by
Sanitation, alone, can reduce water related deaths by
Hand washing, alone, can reduce water related deaths by

Total Increased Sanitation Over 80%!!