Sanitation Project #2

Nothing is more important than increasing a person’s life span and then, being able to help them live a better quality of life. In the third world, 80% of all illnesses and diseases stem from poor sanitation. Our Sanitation Project saves and enhances lives through the creation of restroom facilities with the ability to wash one’s hands and the digging of a borehole to provide fresh water. We’ve created a successful model that can be duplicated all over the world and bring proper sanitation and fresh drinking water to desperate people in the forgotten places that need it most. Join us! Encourage your family or church to leave a legacy by funding your own restroom facility and/or borehole. Applications are coming in now from villages in Ghana, desperate for someone to make a way. A ten stall restroom facility averages about $15,000 depending on location and a borehole for fresh water complete with piping, lines, pump and taps averages $7500. Remember, my something may not be your something but what we can’t do is NOTHING. HELP US MAKE A WAY, TODAY!