Restoration and education cause a transformation in people, their circumstances, and their communities that lasts. This is the building portion of the ministry, after the foundation is firmly in place. Whether it is a physical construction like our two part Sanitation Project that will increase sanitation upwards of 80% and save lives or the transformation of a life through training and entrepreneurialship, it is a labor of love that produces fruit that remains.

Several locations have been identified for future models. Become a monthly supporter and give life.

Funding Entrepreneurs


When we met Miriam, she was pregnant and her husband had lost his job. The Waymakers were able to give her the seed money to start her smoked fish business. Now, over the last three years, her smoked fish business has supported her entire family and she tithes, building up her local church.


When we met Christian, he hustled for food for his family, daily. The Waymakers are honored to have been used by God to pour into his life by providing the funds for him to purchase a container where he could begin a clothing and shoe business. Now, he is stable and self-sufficient, providing for his family and growing in the church.


Alex is a young man whose parents met a violent death. Still, he dreamt of being a truck driver and longed to be able to consistently provide for his family. Although his short life has been unbelievably difficult, he always greets us with a bright smile and a hearty handshake, saying “may God bless you”. One year, we gave him food. Another, we were able to help him get Malaria medicine for his daughter. In 2013, he stood outside the driving school with the driving lessons’ receipt paid by The Waymakers, in one hand, and the driving book he was to study, in the other. He looked up at the sky, composed himself, looked down at the receipt and then back at us. “I can’t believe it,” he managed barely above a whisper, still in complete and utter shock.  “Thank you. Thank you…. My whole life is changed. I won’t disappoint you. I will study and I will pass.”  “Jesus loves you and so do we, Alex, “we replied simply.  “He sent us to help you.”