The Sanitation Project


We are honored to be God’s hand extended in Ghana. In addition to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, we instruct Pastors, subsidize school fees, provide food, clothing, and toiletries, create small businesses and job training opportunities as well as engineer transforming building projects. Still, the greatest need Ghanaians have is life itself. The average life span of a Ghanaian is 57 years, due to illness and disease that stems from a lack of sanitation, but we can make a difference.

Our solution is a sanitation project that eliminates the lack of clean drinking water and provides a system to combat the severe public health concern in Ghana, contributing to 80% of diseases in the country. In many villages, it is common to walk miles to a pond or river where the water is contaminated. Consequently, households without access to clean water are forced to use less reliable and hygienic sources. Our sanitation model improves sanitation through bathrooms with the ability to wash one’s hands along with fresh water wells and can reduce water related deaths upwards of 80%. The benefits of the advocacy training in proper sanitation (by the Ghanaian Ministry of Health) are incalculable.

On 8/22/15, we completed our first model – a ten stall restroom facility with the ability to wash one’s hands and dug a borehole to provide fresh drinking water. Plans are underway to duplicate this model and save lives all over the world beginning with Swedru, Ghana in Africa..