The Library Project


The Achimota boarding school, in Accra, was established in 1959 and was the first boarding school in the entire country of Ghana. More than 56 years later it is one of only two boarding schools of its kind and teaches over 3000 students. 850 of them are boarders and live full time at the school and the rest are day students. While visiting this great institution of learning and touring the grounds, we were disheartened to learn that they didn’t have a library. Upon returning home, we partnered with Jen Dunne at the Moorestown Library and shipped several barrels of books to begin the library. Immediately, when they received the donation, they cleared out a storeroom and transformed it into a make shift library. Now, 30 students per session are exposed to the classics but that’s just the beginning! Achimota needs a full service library to aid in the education of their students.